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Quilts with Pockets

By Addy Harkavy, Pinetree Quiltworks.

Kids' quilts sometimes seem to beg for "something extra", and a pocket on the front of back could give a kid a place to hide secret treasures. After the quilt has been quilted, make and add your pocket or pockets.

For a pocket on the front, make an additional block of whatever pattern you are using (or a group of blocks if the pattern is small). Cut a piece of fabric the size of the unfinished block and, right sides together, sew around the block at the " mark, leaving just enough open to turn the block right side out. Press. Now machine stitch to the quilt top right over the block that it matches, leaving an opening large enough for a child's hand.

You can also attach a pocket to the back, being careful to line it up with seam lines on the front. Another fun pocket idea is to make a triangular pocket and place it at the corner of the front or back of the finished quilt before you add the binding.

Finally, you might think about using the pocket as the label, particularly if it is stitched into a corner at the back of the quilt.

Addy Harkavy 2003. Reprinted with permission by Addy Harkavy.

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