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New Additions of general discussion lists for:

Quilting MachinesAn open list with strong technical support for all quilting machine users, stand up, set down, home and or industrial machines as some may call them, long arm or short arm machines. Independently owned without advertising sponsors. Share new ideas, talk about new equipment, & receive FREE INFORMATION with strong technical support, trouble shooting , loading, usage,along with maintenance information for your machines.

Pattern ChatPatternChat is a forum for discussing patterns. Whether you purchase your patterns, alter them, or custom design, this is the place to talk about it. Discussion of appropriate fabric choices, techniques and styles is also welcome.

Vintage FabricsThe Vintage Fabrics list is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Joan Kiplinger.  It's time for vintage fabric lovers to unite. If    you are an historical costumer, doll dresser, quilter, fabric lover, dealer, garment collector, overwhelmed beginner or just an interested observed, then this list is for you.

Plus Pattern Maker Software - is a private list owned and monitored by Gail Dennis. The purpose of this list is to discuss all pattern making software programs on the market and their usefulness for plus size men, women and children. If you don't own pattern making software yet, this list will help you to make an informed decision. If you do own pattern making software, we will help you learn to use it and get the most out of it. Beware, this list is very strict about staying on topic. If this list will suit your needs then please join us.

Hands Free EmbroideryThe Hands Free Embroidery list is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Laura Dahl.  This list is open to all owners of home embroidery machines, and open to all those who are looking to buy an embroidery machine.  This list is an on-topic list for all who would like resources and support for their embroidery machine techniques.

Brother PQ 1300 For anyone  who has a PQ 1300 or is interested in purchasing one, or just wishes to keep current on some of the different machines available for the home sewer, professional quilter, drapery maker, etc...

SmockAlot SmockAlot is for anyone who loves to smock or wants to learn to smock. We will discuss smocking techniques, tips, books, plates, color selection, etc. Smocking is a beautiful art and this list is one more way to preserve it.  

The Creative Machine NewsletterA discussion of articles that have appeared in the newsletter, questions you have about uses of the sewing machine and serger, amplifications of what you've read in the newsletter, and any discoveries, tips, mistakes, and triumphs you'd like to share. You do not need to be a Creative Machine Newsletter subscriber to participate.  

Design SearchThe Internet combined with several great conversion programs has turned
some of us into what fondly could be called "Design Junkies"! As such, we are inundating the various embroidery lists with "me too" messages requesting information about designs and where to find them. With this in mind, "Design Search" has been created. The sole focus of "Design Search" will be just that Searching for designs. So whether or not you are just starting your design stash, or adding to it, or "looking for" that special design Design Search was created with you in mind! We want for Design Search to be a fun list but there are Guidelines and those that exist will be adhered to and strictly enforced. 

Wearable Art Plus - is a private list owned and monitored by Gail Dennis and Virginia Schlosser. If you are plus sized and love to create beautiful works of art (garments) then you'll love our discussions here. This is for serious artists who want their wearable art garments to look unique and want to learn different techniques as well as where to get quality supplies and fabrics. You could call this the couture list of wearable art. We will always have projects going as well as tips and techniques but beware, this list is very strict about staying on topic. If this is for you then please join us.

TreadleArt1 Is a maillist for TreadleArt. Find out what is new, what is happening, ask questions, or get answers to questions about your embroidery machines and software. Keep up on retreats and classes at the TreadleArt store in Lomita CA. Keep in touch with friends from the embroidery retreats. For those of you who remember the "TreadleArt" magazine, with this wonderful new age of electronics and e-mail, everyone can be part of the fun! Thanks, Janet

Maternity/Nursing - Sewing list. This list will be of interest expectant mothers and nursing mothers who enjoy sewing for themselves. Discussion will include pattern selection, special sewing techniques, material selection, postpartum fitting and adapting regular patterns and ready-to-wear clothing for maternity and nursing wear. Members are encouraged to share ideas and ask questions. Regular sew-a-longs will be included and open to those who wish to participate.

Knitting - Our focus to begin will be generic knitting, experts and beginners make a great combination.and we will be careful to stay on topic.That is, please ensure that the theme of your post is knitting, technical questions and solutions, yarns and fibres, sizing, tension and styles (patterns). anything directly related to our passion. Learn and Teach and share.

Quilting 101 - This list is for you if you want to learn to make pieced-quilts, or if you like easy quilting projects. You are welcome to share your quilt making ideas, projects and patterns, questions, swaps, and websites.

CAD-PatPro -  This is a paid list for persons interested in learning and sharing their knowledge on CAD Patternmaking. While open discussion of any CAD patternmaking topics are welcome, the list will also operate like an interactive class. We will work on regular projects and share what we learn and discuss the various methods we all use. There will be no discussion of which software is better, only on the differences in operation. This is not a list for owners of *enter your measurement* software. It is highly recommended that you already own or are very near purchase of CAD software (Symmetry, PatternMaker, Fittingly Sew, Corel CAD, AutoCAD, etc.) before joining.

Click here to pay your CAD-PatPro membership

Treadle On - The purpose of this list is to promote the actual use of, as opposed to collecting of, treadle and hand crank sewing machines. The emphasis is on the "people powered" aspect, and some members are using treadles of current manufacture. There are two other lists, Featherweight Fanatics and International Sewing Machine Collectors Society, that specialize in the collecting of machines. We recommend both very highly. If your interest is in collecting, or in electric machines, give them a try.

.Tailor It - We will discuss the various methods used to create a well made item of clothing. Whether you are a classic or speedy method tailor makes no difference. Your sewing level is not important , beginners as well as those who have been sewing and tailoring for years are welcome.

Applique - For all of those interested in applique...hand or machine...sharing ideas, patterns, tips, websites, BOM (block of the month) patterns and swaps.

Heirloom Sewing - Encompasses a wide range of finesewing techniques, both by hand and by machine.Topics for discussion may include: smocking, Frenchhand-sewing, French machine-sewing, hand embroidery,lace shaping, fine fabrics, specialty threads, silk-ribbon,needles, pleaters, etc.  We look forward to great interaction and sharing.

Asia Threads - For the discussion of fabrics with Asian roots with origins back to the silk road. Use this list for seeking information about the sources, origins, uses, feeding and caring. The list owners currently live in Hong Kong and Thailand and travel throughout the area. Sponsored by World's Best Kept Secrets.

Just Sew -  is a general sewing forum for beginner to advanced sewing enthusiasts interested in sharing information, education and enjoyment of this wonderful pastime. We welcome both the sewing hobbyist and professional. A wide variety of topics might include sewing construction technique, fitting and alterations, sources and advice regarding machines, notions and fabrics, sewing project ideas, plus hopefully lots of inspiration and encouragement. Please note that discussions of needle and yarn arts, quilting, general fashion, crafting and machine embroidery are served on other lists and are generally not topical on JUST SEW. The list is provided by Quiltropolis and hosted and owned by Julie Davis.

Sew4Kids4Fun - Is for those of us who sew for our children, grandchildren, neices, nephews, neighbors, or any children in our lives - just for fun. We can all be an encouragement and inspiration to each other as we share helpful sewing tips, pattern suggestions, and ideas.

FabricFind and Facts - Is sponsored by Quiltropolis and facilitated by Judith Gridley. This list will focus on all areas of fabric: Fiber and fabric identification, care, new innovations in fabrics, selecting fabric for sewing projects, interfacing, notions, trims. Discussions about locating fabric stores with emphasis on positive feedback. Open to the sewing enthusiast as well as designers and manufacturers.

Dress Shop Discussions - Ask your questions about measuring, printer problems, pattern fit, LivingSoft products and services available for sale, general information, the website, and anything else you can think of relating to Dress Shop (and/or the specific sewing projects you're using Dress Shop patterns to create). Post information about the garments you've made and how they fit (or didn't, in which case you need help).

PonyTales - Pony Tales is a free mailing list sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Cindy Chapman. Pony Tales List is for people who want to talk about horses and ponies of all breeds! Since there are other equine mailing lists around, I want Pony Tales to be different. Pony Tales is a place where you can "get down and dirty" so to speak. The "mane" focus will be on showing and training talk, helpful hints, barn gossip and pet peeves (you have to let it out sometime!) and giving each other lots of moral and friendly support.

Sew Big and Beautiful - Is a private list for plus sized women who sew. It is a list for those who's time is valuable to them and don't want an off topic chatty list but desire a strictly on topic list that doesn't stray. Sew Big & Beautiful will have continuing projects to work on together. You'll learn how to grade and fit your patterns properly but you must be willing to work as well in order to achieve a beautiful garment. You'll also have your sewing questions answered as well as having the support of serious fellow sewers. So if this is a list that will fit into your lifestyle please feel free to obtain approval for membership.

WindowWeb - WindowWeb is an e-mail list that is an open forum for disucssion among professional home decorating fabricators, individuals with a serious interest in home decorating fabrication techniques, and industry vendors and service providers. The purpose of this list is to provide an atmosphere of networking and support to list members. Beginning April 15, there will be a $5.00 annual membership fee to subscribe to this list. If you would like to subscribe to this list, you will receive information on where to remit payment in the Welcome Message that is sent to every new subscriber.

KREATIEVE BRIEVENBUS - Deze Nederlandse lijst is eigendom van Joke en Co Scholten. Deze Nederlands-talige lijst is voor iedereen, die geinteresseerd is in naai-, borduur- en lockmachines.Er is vooral veel kennis aanwezig van de Husqvarna-machines, maar alle andere merken zijn van harte welkom om mee te praten.Deze lijst is vooral bedoeld om te praten en ideeën uit te wisselen over het op deze machines borduren, quilten, digitaliseren en alle andere technieken.

HEXENSTICH - diese deutschsprachige Liste gehört Christine Sudmann und wird gesponsort von Nähmaschinen Gabriel., Bremen, Verkauf und Reparatur, Stickmaschinen und PC-Software aller Hersteller.Sie ist eine Liste für alle, die Spaß haben am Sticken, Nähen, Quilten und Digitalisieren von Stickmustern und an der Verwendung der jeweiligen Computersoftware. HEXENSTICH ist gedacht für alle Maschinenfabrikate und soll ein Forum bieten für jeden, der sich über ihr kreatives Hobby per Email unterhalten möchte.

Artista - This list is for everyone who has gotten or is thinking of getting the new Bernina 170/180 and/or Artista Customizer/Designer Software. We hope this list will help you share information and concerns and give you the opportunity to support each other as you learn to use these fantastic creative tools. Please share your experiences, projects, problems, triumphs and questions. We are all here to learn and grow in our creative endeavors.

SewCouture - This list is oriented to the very experienced sewer who sews for pleasure, sews for profit, designs, manufactures or teaches. The topics will focus on very advanced sewing techniques with an emphasis on couture quality, designing and construction. Tailoring, designing, and draping techniques will also be discussed. Sewcouture covers all areas of FASHION sewing -- bridal, formal wear, professional wear, sportswear, and the like. **We do not discuss quilting, home dec, crafts or needlework. SewCouture is a very "on topic" list without chit-chat or personal messages posted to the list. Beginners are welcome to observe on the list but all conversation is at an advanced level.

Pfaffers - PFAFFERS is a List for Pfaff owners who own 1475, 7550 and 7570 Pfaff sewing machines. The guidelines for this list are strictly set to allow busy sewers and quilters to share Pfaff information on a list that is narrow in focus. This is a No Chat, No Off-Topic messages list. Topics will include discussions of machines, techniques, accessories, teaching, computer design for stitches and embroidery, using the PCDesign software and other technical and creative aspects of sewing with Pfaff sewing machines. Pandy Lolos and Susan Druding are guiding the opening of this list, we hope list members will be self-moderating. Sponsored by Quiltropolis

WaterColour Quilting - Watercolour quilting is owned by Marilyn Levy and sponsored by Quiltropolis. A more recent innovation in quilting tecniques , it fulfils the dreams of those of us who secretly long to be watercolourists, but really prefer to paint with our fabrics. Watercolour quilts are scrap quilts. Probably, the reason we prefer to do our scrap quilts as watercolour quilts is because we are all consumate fabriholics.

Sewing Only Software - is a private list owned and monitored by Gail Dennis. This list is for those who are contemplating the purchase of pattern making software and need advice on choosing the best program for them. Here we will give you reviews of all the programs available as well as keep you updated on the latest happenings in pattern making software. We will also help those of you who already own pattern making software to use it more fully and be more creative with it. Beware, this list is very strict about staying on topic. Please join us if you're interested in pattern making software and are willing to stay on topic.

Long-Arm Quilting - Long-Arm Quilting is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Bona Robinson. Our purpose is to act as a resource and support for individuals who use, or would like to use, any brand of stand-up quilting machine. All levels of experience welcome. We are here to share and learn from each other as well as make contacts and new friendships with other owners. Topics you may see will range from selecting a machine, problems/solutions experienced in using them, suppliers, ideas and tips.

ChildSew - ChildSew is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Robin Culbertson (Asheville Cotton Co) and Eileen Lloyd (Kiddle Clothes). ChildSew is for all people who sew children's clothing as a business (part-time, full-time, large or small, established, just starting up, or only in the "dreaming" stage). We can all be a great resource for each other. We all have something to share... information, sources, successes, failures, ideas, plans, and most of all... support.

Full Fashion - Is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Nancy Munroe. This is a fashion list for the fuller figure.

Serge IT - Is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Lynne Harrington, who would like to welcome serger owners of all skill levels, from Newbie to Pro, along with owner-wannabes to join our helpful, friendly and encouraging group. Selecting a serger, serger feet and features, project inspiration (and occasionally How-To's), troubleshooting and overcoming difficulties, serger supplies and sources, and  making the most of our sergers with specialized construction and embellishment techniques are all a part of the on-topic discussion.

HATS - Husqviking Artistry Through Sewing (HATS) is provided by Quiltropolis and owned by Lili Fischl and Tina Hoak. HATS is for those owning or interested in the Husqvarna Viking #1+, Rose, #1, 500, and 1100. The focus of this list is on the use and enjoyment of these machines, with special emphasis on embroidery (including digitizing, customizing and software-related topics), pictograms, omni-grams, and other decorative stitches and usage of these machines, including heirloom sewing and quilting.

Viking2Sew - The Viking2Sew list is provided by Quiltropolis and owned by Robin Elder. This is a list for Viking owners. We encourage topics relating to: Viking sewing machines and sergers, Embroidery, Customizing and Digitizing - any related software or computer problems regarding this software and general sewing topics.

DecoList - The DecoList (owners of the Brother-made stand alone embroidery machines) is provided by Quiltropolis to enable beginners, as well as advanced users, to have a sharing place to learn from one another. Its primary focus is to further the creative enjoyment of the BASIC home embroidery machine (with or without a scanner) while forming friendships with fellow owners. The subject matter will naturally evolve into more advanced concepts while encouaging new owners in the use of basics.

Bernina 1630 - This mailing list is provided by Martie Sandell and sponsored by Quiltropolis and is open to the discussion of any questions or comments relating to the Bernina 1630.

Freemotions- This mailing list is provided by Beth Ober of Quiltropolis and is open to the discussion of any questions or comments relating to free motion embroidery as opposed to designing or using the pre-programmed embroidery stitches of a sewing machine.

This style of embroidery usually focuses on a method where the feed dogs or teeth are disengaged and a darning foot (or something similar) is used to stitch a straight or zigzag stitch to fill in the areas of design as the fabric is guided by hand.

Crazy Quilt - This mailing list is provided by Beth Ober of Quiltropolis and was conceived by Dawn Smith.

The topic of this list is Crazy Quilting, which is a type of needlework that was popular in the Victorian era and has been gaining in popularity since a resurgence of the craft in the 70's. Crazy Quilting consists of irregularly shaped patches of fabric which are sewn to a backing fabric. The patches are usually embellished with embroidery or trims. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: crazy patching, antique quilts, members projects, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, other embellishments (like lace, beads, buttons and ribbons), classes, books, fabrics, ornaments, wallhangings and many others.

SewBiz - This mailing list is provided by Evalena Heinrich and Colleen  Jones, and is sponsored by Quiltropolis. It is open to the discussion of any questions or comments related to sewing business.

Art2Wear- Art2Wear is a moderated list (by Edie Evans) and sponsored by Quiltropolis for the intermediate to advanced fiber artist with an emphasis on wearable ART. Discussion of technique, resources, designers and the creative process form the backbone of the list. It is sponsored by Quiltropolis.

NowUrCookin - NowURCookn is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Edwin Pawlowski. Our desire is to provide a list for members to share recipes, tips, and have fun in the process! From cooking Heart Healthy, microwave ready to flaming desserts and all types/styles in between. Menu Choices may include Mexican, Cajun, Italian, Good ole' Meat N Potatoes, South American, Chinese, French, Holiday Treats and other type of recipe or tip that you would like to share. The primary focus will be to expand our recipe books, impress our friends with our culinary skills with a secondary focus on burning as little as possible! So...regardless of your skill level - know that you are welcome!

Bead Talk - This is an email list sponsored by Cindy's Crafts for the purpose of your enjoyment. This list is un-moderated and meant for the friendly exchange of information and ideas. Threads concerning any aspect of beading or related crafts are welcome. No flaming will be allowed! This list is meant to be fun as well as informative.

Prayer List - A place for All prayer requests now being posted to the general discussion lists.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at webmistress@quiltropolis.com  


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