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Mail Lists for Bernina

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This list is for everyone who has the Bernina 170/180/200/400/600/700 or 800 series and/or Artista Customizer/Designer Software. We hope this list will help you share information and concerns and give you the opportunity to support each other as you learn to use these fantastic creative tools. Please share your experiences, projects, problems, triumphs and questions.

This mailing list is provided by Quiltropolis and is open to the discussion of any questions or comments relating to the Bernina 1630.

The DecoList (owners of the Brother-made stand alone embroidery machines) is provided by Quiltropolis to enable beginners, as well as advanced users, to have a sharing place to learn from one another. Its primary focus is to further the creative enjoyment of the BASIC home embroidery machine (with or without a scanner) while forming friendships with fellow owners. The subject matter will naturally evolve into more advanced concepts while encouaging new owners in the use of basics.

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