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Mail Lists for Fabrics

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Is sponsored by Quiltropolis and facilitated by Judith Gridley. This list will focus on all areas of fabric: Fiber and fabric identification, care, new innovations in fabrics, selecting fabric for sewing projects, interfacing, notions, trims. Discussions about locating fabric stores with emphasis on positive feedback. Open to the sewing enthusiast as well as designers and manufacturers.

Feedsack Forum has been combined with the VintageFabrics list (see below). The purpose of the feedsackforum list is for the feedsack enthusiasts or anyone who wants to further their education regarding the history of a very important textile native to our country, the feedsack.

The Vintage Fabrics list is sponsored by Quiltropolis and owned by Joan Kiplinger and Jean Stapel (of the Feedsack Forum). It's time for vintage fabric lovers to unite. If you are an historical costumer, feedsack enthusiast, doll dresser, quilter, fabric lover, dealer, garment collector, overwhelmed beginner or just an interested observer, then this list is for you.

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